When there’s a will there’s a way

The other day as I was taking one of my “let’s keep our sanity while in quarantine” walks I happened to bump into this incredible tree.

And it seemed to capture in one frame what it really takes to reinvent yourself in times of unbelievable difficulty.

I’m not sure what happened in this tree’s but for one reason or another, someone thought this tree was done, took the chainsaw and declared it dead.

In my 48 years I saw a lot of tree stumps and not once did I see a tree that refused to be a stump. But for some reason, this tree refused to listen to the sound of the chainsaw or to feel the pain of being cut… It just pushed on!

🐈And I love the cat that sat there on the tree as I was capturing it because I believe it’s the cat that made it worthwhile for the tree to push on.

This tree could have given up and been a stump. But instead it found a way to grow and it is now of value to someone again. It can provide the shade that makes this cat’s life so much better… and even its “useless” stump is suddenly useful because this cat can find protection in its height.

And there is NOTHING in this world that feels better or drives our will than to be of service. To be of value.

“Who needs me?” and then “What do they need me for?” are extremely powerful questions that fill our “WILL batteries”.

And when there is a will there is a way.



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