What’s your insight?

Avi Charkham
2 min readApr 28, 2021

Every change we create, every growth we drive, starts with a change in our perception and beliefs. We first have an in-sight (an updated internal image of a possible reality) and it is that internal image that drives our action as we pursue to close the gap between our in-sight(vision) and our external-sight (reality).

Insights drive change but our brain hates and fears change and this is why it ensures we don’t tend to consciously process our insights. After we interact with a “new input” (meeting, reading, doing something) we rarely tend to stop and ask ourselves… “What is my insight from this meeting/book/blog post/workday?” we simply advance to our next activity… On autopilot.

And it’s not just our personal insights that matter. The insights of others are extremely important. Think of it as “crowdsourcing insights”… When 5 people sit in the same meeting or read the same book, and every person is actively seeking and sharing their own insights it’s like having X5 the processing power and the growth potential you can derive from that activity grows exponentially.

One of the greatest side benefits of sharing our insights with others is the realization of just how every person we interact with experiences reality from their unique lens. It is mind-blowing to see how 5 people who sat in the same meeting or read the same book or listened to the same class can derive completely different insights from the same experience. It is an incredible and enriching window into the subjective universe each one of us lives in.

Insights are the doorways to change and turn every experience and activity into a growth opportunity. Try to actively pursue them… You’ll be surprised.