May you “have a birth today”

Avi Charkham
2 min readNov 21, 2021


When I was a teenager I was a volunteer medic at MDA, Israel’s national rescue organization. We used to accompany the ambulance team to all kinds of medical emergencies.

Like any job we had cases we were excited to attend and others we liked less… but the pinnacle of every volunteer medic was delivering a home birth. Volunteers used to keep the umbilical cord plastic cutters on their keychains as proof of the number of births they attended :-)

So every day when I left home (or skipped school :-)) to start a shift at the MDA my mom used to look at me and tell me “May you have a birth today ❤️

I didn’t know it at the time but that was actually a very powerful lesson she was giving me. This simple act of declaring to the world what it is we wish for has endless power but we use it so rarely.

Common sense

I’m not talking about the law of attraction, nor any other positive psychology hacks and I’m not quoting quantum physics to demonstrate that focus creates reality. I’m talking about the simple fact that declaring what we wish for something focuses us. And when we are focused on what we wish for people around us are focus on what we wish for which dramatically increases the chances of things happing as we wish them to.

The best ROI on 60 seconds you’ll ever get

It’s so trivial yet as crazy as it sounds most of us start our days/week/months/years without taking even 60 seconds to tell ourselves what is it we want out of the time we’re about to invest.

We spend so much energy running after our goals… Why not dedicate 60 seconds to actually focus all our intent and “ask for them”?

May we increase our conversion this week?…
May today end with all the team focused on next year’s goals…
May we close that deal we all worked on so hard these past 6 months…
May that lead investor join the round this week…
May we have fruitful cross-team cooperation this week…

It pays off :-)

By the way, the birth my mom wished for came at the end… It was a lady who didn’t realize she was giving birth until it was too late. We found her sitting in her bathroom and in a matter of minutes, the birth was over. I can’t even start to describe the wonder I felt as an 18 years old teenager watching a baby appear into this world for the first time.

I had my first umbilical cord cutter attached to my keychain and I learned that wishing for what you want works :-)

So… What do you wish for?