Do you know what’s YOUR next x1.5 domino?

The power of x1.5

The incredible fact about dominos is that a domino can actually knockdown a domino that is approximately x1.5 its own size. It means that if you start your chain reaction with a standard domino then domino #25 would be the height of Eifel Tower and domino #56 would get you to the moon! It’s crazy.

  1. You have to stack our dominos (sounds trivial but most of us don’t)
  2. The next domino we stack has to be x1.1–x1.5 larger than your current domino

Stacking our dominos

Stacking our dominos is about ensuring that our actions drive results that fuel your next actions.

Case 1: Failing to stack our dominos

Our Yoga teacher works really hard to fill her workshop. She advertises on Facebook, she distributes flyers, she answers the phone calls… and after weeks of hard work, she finally has her 10 first students. She made it!

Case 2: Successfully stacking our dominos

The first difference is that this time, before working on filling her workshop, our Yoga teacher thinks of her next workshop (domino) and asks “What is the one thing I can do while filling my first workshop that would make filling all my following workshops much easier?”

Positioning your x1.5 domino

Our Yoga teacher has figured out how to stack her dominos but her growth is linear and limited. To grow exponentially she will have to ensure her next domino (workshop) is 1.1–1.5 larger than the previous.

Going x1.5 requires change and we humans hate change

Our Yoga teacher has spent 5 years in building her studio. She invested time and money in making it her own but her current setting, which she loves is her ceiling. To evolve exponentially she will have to change her setting or her paradigms. But change is really hard!

Once our brain thinks x1.5 a new perspective emerges

But our Yoga teacher learned her lesson. She thinks of her next x1.5 and then her next x1.5 and she realizes she would need a huge studio in 3 years.

Why not x10?

You’re reading this and you are thinking why not x10? Why are you thinking too small?



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Avi Charkham

Avi Charkham

Entrepreneur, product person & coach. founder @ https://unlock.Vision