Founders have many responsibilities but if you read their title you realize that their #1 responsibility is to lay the foundations of the companies they are building… but unlike the construction of a building, the foundation work of the founders is never done.

And the foundation work of a founder is not a glorious one. It is a gray, grueling, neverending work where cycle after cycle, year after year, the founder, through their actions have to ensure that what they value most (AKA their values) is being manifested (vision) in a way that makes them proud to step into the office each morning (culture)…

And building these foundations isn’t something you can do by talking, it’s not something you can do once a year, or once a quarter using a PowerPoint presentation… it is in their words, in their actions that the founders lay these foundations. Day after day, one example at a time.



Entrepreneur, product person & coach. founder @ https://unlock.Vision

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