• Taylor Lehman

    Taylor Lehman

    Senior PM, Operating Systems Group, Microsoft

  • yellow hat

    yellow hat

    Yellow Hat is a full service Design, Technology, and Marketing Solutions Agency in Vancouver, BC. Meet our team: http://bit.ly/n3JdPG

  • Moshe Blizinsky

    Moshe Blizinsky

  • Debbie Kandel

    Debbie Kandel

    Debbie Kandel is the founder of DK Strategy, a boutique marketing strategy agency with a focus on B2B marketing and business development.

  • Jeremie Berrebi

    Jeremie Berrebi

    Magical Capital Founder/CEO #LetterOne Advisory Board Member #Private Equity Investor (300+) #Family Offices & Corporates Advisor #Serial Entrepreneur (14+)

  • Jorge Cohen

    Jorge Cohen

    I ride bicycles. I also code.

  • firdaus_halim


  • Christian Fuchs

    Christian Fuchs

    E-Mail Marketing. WordPress. Veranstalter. Gelegenheitsblogger. Fahrradfahrer. Potsdamer.

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